Weston Super Mare Grand

After a short diversion to retrieve our donation filled cheese moneybox from a holiday camp, we got the bus to Weston. The Grand pier is a solid affair standing wide and proud over the mud flats. Of all the piers so far this one has the best selection of fairground rides, so it was only appropriate that we checked out the Freefall. Jason was extremely reticent to join in but was persuaded by his girlfriend’s son Ollie, who argued that Jason would be a complete poof if he didn’t do it. Tim, on the other hand, required no such abuse to ride the freefall, seeing it as preparation for his less controlled freefall later this month.

In addition to having one of the UK’s best end of pier amusements, The Grand is also good for some traditional promenading too. To assist, they pipe relaxing music down the length of it. Well done.

Harriet and Georgina Poole for giving us £5 of their pocket money to Pier2Pier. Good work girls!

Villains: Weston Super Mare Grand Pier – see Weston Super Mare Birnbeck

Pier Score: 8 out of 10


Weston Super Mare Birnbeck

Birnbeck is a properly derelict pier (apparently its demise came about when the nearby Grand pier opened and stole its trade). Next time Scooby is investigating abandoned fairgrounds and sea monsters, Birnbeck is the place to start. Although closed for the last 13 years, Birnbeck Pier is stunning. It is a mere mile and a half walk from the Grand Pier and anyone choosing not to take in this fine structure on a trip to Weston is several planks short of walkway. Fortunately, thanks to the positioning of the RNLI station at the end of this otherwise abandoned pier, Birnbeck isn’t and with the kind permission of Mikes Davies we enjoyed an hour strolling around the ruins.

Birnbeck Pier is a great loss to Weston so if anyone has £20m spare, then we know exactly the black hole you could put it into (finders fee 2%).

Heroes: Mike Davies for letting us on the pier

Meddling kids…….

Pier Score: 9 out of 10



Due to Tim’s poor planning we had to run the last 2 miles to get here on time. Add to this the youths who pelted Jason with Maltesers as they raced past in their open top Citroen 2CV and you can imagine the carnage that arrived in the nick of time bruised, battered and breathless. There should be some very unflattering pictures of this in the Bristol Evening Post this week.

Clevedon is a pier for dainty Victorian ladies. A far cry from the bedlam of Weston and the melancholy of Birnbeck, it was just what we needed to catch our collective breath. Unable to locate a bustle and parasol, we wandered its length in a suitably respectful manner and were invited to sign the visitors’ book. An appropriate end to a textbook pier2pier day.

Heroes: The owners for letting us on to the pier for free

Global Warming. We almost melted today.

Pier Score: 8 out of 10

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